Looking for a compliant employment solution in France
without the risks, costs and administrative
headache of creating a company ?

Neteem Solutions assists foreign companies with the set-up of their Foreign Employer in France (FEF) status.

Foreign company
Employee in France
Foreign Employer in France (FEF)

Two employment solutions open to you :

A Foreign Employer in France (FEF) status enables you to employ personnel in France directly under your own company name, but without creating a local company.

Neteem Solutions will guide you through the FEF registration process and then register you with all the relevant benefit funds.  Your employees are set up on French payroll and are managed under French employment law, but without all the complexities and financial obligations of setting up a fully-fledged French company.

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Alternatively, as a Professional Employment Outsourcing (PEO) company, Neteem can hire the individual as a Neteem employee for the duration of his/her contract.  Neteem has been operating as a registered employer in France since 2002.

The consultant will sign an employment contract with Neteem and carry out the assignment in compliance with French law.  Neteem will manage all the on-boarding, payrolling and off-boarding procedures and handle all the necessary declarations.

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Questions on employment in France ?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)